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We at Suvaasa we believe in the age old proverb of ‘In healthy body resides a Healthy Mind. We handpick ingredients to ensure that the food offered at the resort is not only healthy but full of taste too.

We have two restaurants, 'Spice & Curry', which serves Indian cuisine and another is a Roof Top Café called 'Tamino Cafe', where we serve Italian cuisine and bakery goods.


Food at Suvaasa is utmost priority as we believe in ‘Jaisakhaye Ann, waisehoye Mann.’

We have employed top chefs to ensure good quality food of global standards. Suvaasa is one of the only resorts in the region to offer fully commercial kitchen, with a capacity to cook food for 100 people at one go!


The breakfast is laid out sharp at 8 am and stays till 11 am, a lavish spread Indian and continental cuisine. Our chefs prepare mouth watering and fresh delicacies to give you healthy start!

With soft music flowing and a delectable mix of Indian, Italian and Chinese food to choose from, you and your loved ones can enjoy the dinner under the stars on rooftop or inside the restaurant.


Vegetarian & Customer Friendly Food


Religious and Soulful

We believe that food is holy and an expression of care for ourselves and for the people who grow and makes our food. We strongly believe that we rely on each other for co-existing on this planet and food takes a new meaning in all ways- energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. With the same spirit, we prepare and serve food to our guests with hopes that it will refresh your body, soul, and senses.

Food Experience at Suvaasa

You will get an unforgettable food experience at suvaasa’s while eating delicious food in the lap of nature. Our best services and yummy food will win your heart and will make you come again. We decorate our restaurant with beautiful lights; provide comfortable sitting, and large area, and gives once in life food experience to our guests with impressive management services. In our innovative dining set-up, we offer a variety of food like continental, Chinese, Indian, etc.