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About The Heritage Bungalows

Suvaasa the Exclusive is an extension of our identity. We believe everyone is unique and to celebrate each we offer ‘The Exclusive’. These are standalone bungalows or units, which bestow peace and tranquillity in the serene environs of the mighty Himalayas. This Bungalow is at the top most peak of Ramgarh at Gagar, and is accessible by walking through a trail of around 850m

It can be booked entirely for a big family or two as it has separate rooms. It comes well equipped with a fully furnished kitchen and an attendant, who is trained to offer basic support. Guests can choose to cook for themselves or order in the vast menu from our main resort kitchen. It has a small dining area attached to the kitchen. The villa offers a big garden to enjoy morning cuppa or the cold evenings with bonfire.

This property is more than 300 years old and has been restored to keep the old world charm with modern amenities.

The bungalow is a standalone unit, which offers a bright view of the Shivaliks and is within walking distance from Shiv Temple. The place is ideal for those who are looking for complete peace and are searching for the eternal truth. It offers the much-needed solace, which we city dwellers are looking for when on a holiday.

We have begun our adventure with the unexplored terrains of Ramgarh, Uttrakhand, a peaceful and serene place to offer our guests relaxation and rejuvenation at its best.


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